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Querying data

This article describes how the job maintenance is done in Skills Workflow when there is an interface with iSAP in place.


There was a need to export data from the system to any other platform.

Data Exchange

The scope of this article includes an explanation of how to export data from the system.

Skills Workflow has available an API, so you can use it to get the data out from the system. You can get the data using REST calls.


To use the API there are mandatory request headers and body.

  • Method - POST
  • Request headers - To authenticate you on the API
  • Request body - To set the query and the corresponding parameters to filter the query
  • Query
  • Parameters

Please see below how to export the jobs using the API.

Skills Workflow Integration API

To use any endpoint from the Skills Workflow Integration API, it is necessary to set the following Request Headers:

  • X-AppTenant - Provided by Skills Workflow team
  • X-AppId - Provided by Skills Workflow team
  • X-AppSecret - Provided by Skills Workflow team
  • X-AppUser
  • Not mandatory
  • Use this parameter to impersonate, by setting the Skills Workflow's UserId
  • It will have in consideration user permissions


The contents of this document create the foundation for data and process communication methodology between Skills Workflow and Agencies. The current known data and process transfers are contained in this document but more may be created as additional data and process needs are discovered.