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Execute API


This method can be used inside any workspace. To call the API service and execute a Restful operation.


public executeAPI(        method: "GET" | "POST" | "PUT" | "DELETE" | "PATCH",        relativePath: string,        params?: { [name: string]: string },        body?: object,        showToast = true,        headers: { [name: string]: string } = {},        setContentTypeHeader = true,        setProfileRequest = true,        useCache = false    ): Promise<any> {        return this.executeApiService.executeAPI(            Apis.apiV2,            method,            relativePath,            params,            body,            showToast,            headers,            setContentTypeHeader,            setProfileRequest,            useCache        );    }
methodStringtrueSet the type of request
relativePathStringtrueUrl request
paramsStringfalseParameters that are intended to be passed in the request
bodyStringfalseThe content to replace with
showToastStringfalsetrueTo return a toast related to the request when error occurs
headersStringfalseemptyMeta-data associated with the API request and response
setContentTypeHeaderStringfalsetrueIf it's set to true it will append 'Content-Type' to the header with the value 'application-json'
setProfileRequestStringfalsetrueIf it's set to true it will append 'x-sw-profilerequest' to the header with the value 'true'
useCacheStringfalsefalseIf it's set to true it will cache the request

Basic Usage#

SW.executeAPI('GET', 'documentBriefs', {documentId: 'd8615b0f-4b52-4360-8f61-62c62bcb5463'});