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This article describes how the job maintenance is done in Skills Workflow when there is an interface with iSAP in place.

Job Creation in Skills Workflow

After a Job is created in Skills Workflow, it will automatically flow to iSAP. Every time a job is modified it will update the information in iSAP. Once complete, the job needs to be closed in iSAP.

Job Creation in iSAP

After a Job is created in iSAP, it will automatically create a new project and job in Skills Workflow.


Fields coming from iSAP

The job fields that synch with iSAP are (SW vs iSAP names):

  • Number - Job Title
  • Title - Job Description (the first 40 characters)
  • Description - all the characters are added to the jobs' description in Skills Workflow
  • Company
  • Job Type
  • Client Code
  • Product Code
  • Department - Cost Center
  • Start Date - Estimated Start Date
  • End Date - Estimated EndDate
  • Active Flag
  • The Account Executive and Account Manager are included in the job's export
  • Account Manager is the Project Owner
  • Account Executive is the Job creator
  • In order for a job to be exported to iSAP, the Project Owner and Job Creator needs to be marked as AM/AE in iSAP, otherwise it will generate integration errors.