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There was a need to exchange data between JAM and Skills Workflow

Data Exchange Technology

Service REST.

The scope of data exchanged on this integration includes:

  • OAuth
  • Master data
  • Clients & Products
  • From Skills Workflow to JAM
  • Projects & Jobs
  • From Skills Workflow to JAM
  • From JAM to Skills Workflow
  • Files
  • From Skills Workflow to JAM
  • From JAM to Skills Workflow
  • Uploaded into Skills Workflow's job feed

Data Exchange

This section describes the Data exchanged between systems. Please see below the data exchanged.

Skills Workflow Integration API

To use any endpoint from the Skills Workflow Integration API, it is necessary to pass the following Headers:

  • X-AppSecret -Provided by Skills Workflow team
  • X-AppId -Provided by Skills Workflow team
  • X-AppUser
  • Not mandatory
  • Use this parameter to impersonate by passing the Skills Workflow's UserId
  • See how to get UserId by User's ExternalId on the Jobs tab, step 1.
  • It will have in consideration user permissions and post as being the user


The contents of this document create the foundation for data and process communication methodology between Skills Workflow and Agencies. The current known data and process transfers are contained in this document but more may be created as additional data and process needs are discovered.