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How can I measure Performance?

To measure the performance of your Google Chrome browser using Skills Workflow you must:

  • Open Chrome in your Skills Workflow login page
  • Perform the steps below
  • Save the profile
  • Send us the profile saved

Please follow the steps below to record your profile

  • Open your Chrome in your Skills Workflow login page, and do a right click to open "Inspect"
  • Once the "Inspect menu" is open, please click on the "Performance" tab


Open inspect menu, navigate to Performance tab and start to record the performance of the browser.

Start by clicking on the record button, then refresh the page and login as is normally done


Profiling the perfomance
  1. Browse the pages where you know of possible issues of slowness.

We recommend that you browse the pages where you usually work so that we can analyze according to your working method.


Navigate into the documents as you usually do while performing your work
  1. Stop the profiling and save the profile


Click to stop the profiling


Save the profiling data to a file
  1. Send us the profile saved, and our team will evaluate it.