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The integration allows you to:

  • Create automatically and organize a file structure in Box
  • Access to the folders and files available in Box
  • Let you team get quick and easy access to the files
  • Share the direct link to the files


When a file is uploaded into Box, it is automatically available in Skills Workflow.

  • You can share your file by going into your document and easily select the file
  • It will be available to add it into the document's description
  • Or to post it on document's feed


Posting file's link on the Project's feed


Not all folders are synched between the two systems:

  • To launch Box, click on the Cloud icon


Cloud button to open box
  • There's a root folder setup in Skills Workflow and in Box


Root folder in Box
  • Projects must be active and marked as "Deliverable" in the tab "Info"


Mark as Deliverable in the option available in the "Info" tab
  • Jobs must be active, marked as "Deliverable" and his parent as well
  • To automatically create the Template Sub-Folders, it is necessary to mark both options in the Additional Information tab of Job


Automate job's folder creation in Box


Automate job's folder creation in Box

Box Folder field available in the Additional Information tab of each document:

  • Will let you map to an existent folder's name
  • Or to change the respective folder's name

Whenever a document is created in Skills Workflow, a folder is created under its parent document folder. The structure of the folders in Skills Workflow is:

  • Root
    • Client
    • Project
      • Jobs
      • Sub-Jobs template
    • Estimate
    • Expense
  • User


Files structure is created automatically

When a folder is created in Skills Workflow, it is created automatically in Box.


Folder structure in Box


The synching is performed by a background process. Whenever a document is created or his folder name is changed in Skills Workflow, the process will replicate it in Box.

  • The synching process is bi-directional
  • Skills Workflow has a reference of the ID of the files and folders in Box
  • The users will see the same file structure (starting on the root) in both systems


To configure Box integration, it is necessary to:

  1. Authorise a new Custom Application in the agency Box's enterprise settings.

    • Skills Workflow key: 0sywrz73q25ejuk6lfo1xx7su6rsd1bi
  2. Configure in Skills Workflow the agency box's Enterprise ID (available in Account & Billing Box's menu)


Authorize new app in box


Fill in Skills Workflow API Key


Box's Enterprise ID