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There was a need to exchange data between CETA and Skills Workflow

Data Exchange Technology

Service REST.

The scope of data exchanged on this integration includes:

  • Master data

  • Clients & Products

  • From Skills Workflow to CETA

  • Projects & Jobs

  • Projects are imported into Skills Workflow when in "Pencil" and "Confirmed" status on CETA

  • All Jobs are imported into Skills Workflow

  • However, only approved jobs are timesheet suggestion

  • From CETA to Skills Workflow

  • Timesheets

  • Approved Timesheets

  • From Skills Workflow into CETA

Data Exchange

This section describes the Data exchanged between systems. Please see below the data exchanged.

Clients are managed in Skills Workflow.

  • New clients created in Skills Workflow are automatically created in CETA.
  • Any change in the client data is also synched with CETA.

Client Data Exchanged

Fields that are populated in CETA are:

  • Name
  • External Id
  • Status
  • Address
  • Zip Code
  • Country
  • Client Manager


Name - Client Name - Name
External Id - Client External Id - A/c Code
Status - Client Status - Status
Address - Client Address - Address
Zip Code - Client Zip Code - Postal Code
Country - Client Country - Country
Client Manager - Client Manager - (?)


The contents of this document create the foundation for data and process communication methodology between Skills Workflow and Agencies. The current known data and process transfers are contained in this document but more may be created as additional data and process needs are discovered.