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Okta SSO

In this article, you'll learn how to integrate with Okta SSO. When you integrate Skills Workflow with Okta, you can:

  • Control in Okta who has access to Skills Workflow.
  • Enable your users to be automatically signed-in to Skills Workflow with their Okta accounts.


To get started, you need the following items:

  • An Okta subscription.
  • Skills Workflow single sign-on (SSO) enabled subscription.
Currently it is only supported SP initiated SSO.

Configure Okta SSO

Follow these steps to enable Okta SSO in the Admin center.

  1. In the Admin center, on the left pane navigate to Applications and click on Create New App.

    Screenshot shows button to create a new App. Screenshot shows button to create a new App.

  2. For Sign-in method, select SAML 2.0, and click Next.

    Screenshot shows sign-in method.

  3. On the General Settings, configure the App Name and App Logo.

    Screenshot shows button to add an App.

  4. On the SAML Settings section, perform the following steps:

    • In the Single Sign-on URL text box, type the URL:

    • In the Audiance URI (SP Entity ID) text box, type the URL:

    • Leave the other settings with the default values

      Screenshot shows button to add an App. Screenshot shows button to add an App.

  5. On the Are you a Customer or partner section, select the I'm an Okta customer adding an internal app, and then click on Finish.

    Screenshot shows the Certificate download link.

  6. Once the app is created, go to the Assignments tab, assign the people or groups that will have access to use the SSO App.

    Screenshot shows how to assing people

  7. On the Sign On tab, click on the View SAML setup instructions.

    Screenshot shows te metadata configuration.

  8. Copy the configurations to the system SSO configuration, by accessing the Maintenance and navigating to SSO page.

    • Okta Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL to the system SSO Service Url
    • Okta Identity Provider Issuer to the system Entity ID
    • Okta X.509 Certificate to the system Certificate

    Screenshot shows Okta Configuration. Screenshot shows Skills Workflow SSO Configuration.

Improving user experience

To provide a better user experience while using OKTA and Skills Workflow integration, it is recommended to:

  • Not displaying the SSO app to the users
  • But create a Bookmark App within OKTA that will provide the full SSO user experience

Please proceed with the following steps:

  1. On the General tab, set the application visibility as not visible to the users

    Screenshot shows Okta App Visibility.

  2. Go to Applications, and create a Bookmark App.

    • Set the Application Name as Skills Workflow

    • Set the URL with the Tenant URL followed by /SSOLogin

    • And assign the users to this new Bookmark App

    • Once it is created, go back to Bookmark App settings and under General tab, add a Logo to the Bookmark App

      Screenshot shows Okta App Visibility. Screenshot shows Okta App Visibility. Screenshot shows Okta App Visibility.