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Microsoft Sharepoint

Skills Workflow integrates with Sharepoint.

The integration allows you to:

  • Create automatically and organize a file structure in SharePoint
  • Access to the folders and files available in SharePoint
  • Have your team get quick and easy access to the files in Sharepoint
  • Share the direct link to the files in Sharepoint in comments


When a file is uploaded into SharePoint, it is automatically available in Skills Workflow.

  • You can share your file by going into your document and easily select the file

  • It will be available to add it into the document's description

  • Or to post it on the document's feed When a file is uploaded in a comment from the Hard Drive:

  • The file is uploaded to SharePoint

  • A link is created and posted in the comment

  • A thumbnail will be also available in the comment


Sharepoint integration requires mappings between:

  • Client and Sharepoint Site
  • Project and Sharepoint Sub-Site
  • File's Tag and Category


Mapping client to Sharepoint Site


Mapping Project to Sharepoint Sub-Site


When a file is uploaded in Skills Workflow, it will be available on the corresponding Sharepoint Sub-Site.


Posting file's link on the Project's feed


Image uploaded into Sharepoint Sub-Site

Whenever a document is created in Skills Workflow, a folder is created under its parent document folder. The structure of the folders in Skills Workflow is:

  • Root
    • Client (Sharepoint Site)
    • Project (Sharepoint Sub-Site)


Files structure is created automatically


Access to the Sharepoint/One Drive


The synching is performed by a background process. Whenever a document is created or his folder name is changed in Skills Workflow, the process will replicate it in Sharepoint.

  • The synching process is from Skills Workflow to Sharepoint
  • Skills Workflow has a reference of the ID of the files and folders in SharePoint
  • The users will see the same file structure (starting on the root) in both systems